Max Factor

by meelleyou


My photos were featured in yesterday’s Evening Standard for a story on Nike Air Max’s (click on the image to enlarge). The iconic trainers are celebrating their 25th birthday and it seems that half of London is sporting them. Scroll down for more Air Max lovin’…

Matt Hambly_sml

Matt is the Menswear Editor at ASOS, “My trainers are CTBBQ Air Max 90 Hyperfuses. They were made in conjunction with the trainer website Crooked Tongues and I was extremely lucky to win a pair. I kept them in the box for about a year and then decided they needed to be worn. With crushing inevitability, I spilled red wine on them the next day.”

Matt Hambly_2_sml

Sarah Ryan_sml

The lovely Sarah is a nurse from Ruislip “I definitely have a thing for Air Max! These are my favourites as I got them for my birthday a few years ago and my Mum picked them out. She’s the coolest.”

Sarah Ryan_3_sml

Dan Masoliver_sml

Dan is a writer for FHM “I think I got them in the wrong size but I still wear them because I like them so much.”

Chloe Rahall_sml

Chloe is a freelance designer “I’ve got so many pairs. I’m addicted to them.”