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Lady in lavender

Purple hair

I discovered this lady shopping in Ginza, Tokyo. I love how she’s colour co-ordinated her purple hair with her cardigan – so chic! This is certainly a step up from the blue rinse favoured by many a mature lady.

Hiromi in Ginza, Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style

This is Hiromi after the Naoshi Sawayanagi catwalk show at Tokyo Fashion Week. Luckily the rain held off for the outdoor show but once the last model stepped off the runway, the heavens opened. She wears Edition trousers and t-shirt, a Marc Jacobs bag, G Star jumper and Zara boots.

School teacher chic

Naoko Daikokuya

I love Naoko’s ‘school teacher chic’ style. The pearls, wooly jumper and headband work perfectly with her fuchsia pleated skirt and black ankle boots to create a pretty (yet not too) prim look. She wears an Anatomica jumper, Yoshie Inaba skirt and a bag by Eyrisis.

Ann in Ginza, Tokyo


Ann is a writer for WWD Japan. She wears an Akira Naka jumper, Zara trousers, Sacco Balletti shoes and a bag from a store in Tokyo

Koiwa Kirara in Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style

Koiwa wears a Vivienne Westwood jumper and necklace, shoes by Emoda, socks by Candy Storipa and a hat and skirt from stores in Japan

Koiwa Kirara_3

Koiwa Kirara_2

Yumi in Ginza, Tokyo

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style

Yumi wears a Limi Feu coat, Issey Miyake shirt and her skirt, shoes and hat are from stores in Tokyo.

Japanese style: Shiko

Shiko Mori_2

Japanese men have a fearlesss sense of style. Shiko, for example, just oozes cool. He’s managed to put together a number of items that most men wouldn’t dare to wear – a white studded blazer, orange velvet trousers, a bowler hat… Yet his complete look makes him stand out, while still looking masculine. It’s a fine art to perfect and Shiko’s really mastered this one.

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style




Bunny bag, cat shoes

Shiori in Harajuku

Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style

Naoto in Harajuku


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