The Kimono

by meelleyou

A little girl in a mini kimono at the Meiji Shrine

Walking through Tokyo, a woman in a kimono will occasionally walk past and it’s such a pleasure to see. Seeing this traditional dress stand out amongst a rush of people in contemporary clothes is a beautiful sight. It’s as if time has stood still for a few moments.

I thought I’d spotted some actual geishas when walking through Asakusa. Lucky me to see such a rare sight! But no, it turns out these girls had paid to dress up as them and take photos of each other. Geishas are so rare now and it’s unusual to see any in Tokyo. There are only around 1000 in Japan and most reside in Kyoto. They’re like an endangered species. Geishas study for 4 to 5 years to become highly skilled in traditional singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. An evening of entertainment with one geisha is understandably not cheap- it costs at least £450 for 2 people including dinner.

A bride and groom in traditional dress at their wedding at the Meiji Shrine