I ♥ Bill Cunningham

by meelleyou

Bill Cunningham outside the Rick Owens show in Paris

Today I finally saw the documentary film ‘Bill Cunningham New York’ at the cinema. What an inspiration! As the original street style photographer, it was amazing to learn about his work and life (though the two really are intertwined). For over 50 years, his photos of those living in New York have not just documented current fashions in the city but also predicted future trends before they’ve become mainstream. He really lives for his work and it’s incredible to see someone so humble and passionate about what he does. It’s all about the clothes for Bill. Whether it be snapping a bag lady, to a group of teenagers in Harlem, to a socialite at a charity ball- if their clothes are interesting, he photographs them. His refusal to be paid for much of his work further demonstrates that he does his job purely for the love of it.

At fashion week I often saw Bill Cunningham outside the shows, quietly snapping away and always with a smile on his face! It was a real pleasure to see a legend in action.